2007 Kreglinger Vintage Brut

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Year: 2007
Variety: Vintage Brut
Bottles per case: 6
Price per case: $330.00 (RRP)

Location and Aspect: Located in the prestigious maritime wine region of northern Tasmania at a latitude of 41° south, the cool coastal slopes of the Pipers Brook wine region and the east-southeast facing slopes of our Kreglinger Vineyard has produced a truly exceptional cuvee which has captured all the unique characteristics and expression of fine sparkling wine, utilizing the noble varieties of pinot noir and chardonnay, resulting in this outstanding Kreglinger Vintage Brut.

The cuvee for this wine is sourced from a specific sparkling vineyard. This site, known as the Kreglinger Vineyard, is based on basaltic soils and has distinctive east-southeast facing slopes. This aspect in the Pipers Brook wine region gives a ripening potential expressed in day-degrees summation of around 950–1050 day-deg C whilst retaining the ideal acid ratio of tartaric and malic acids and the distinctive natural low pH values and flavour purity. This site compares very favourably with conditions in the French wine region of Champagne (1030 day-deg C).

Viticulture: Grapes were harvested in early March with a baumé level of between 10 and 11 Bé, holding 13-15g/L of titratable acidity, of which nearly 40% was malic acid. Despite this high natural acid structure, the grapes have ripened fully and as a result have a restrained but intensely complete flavour profile and perfect balance as a base wine with low pH. The natural acidity of the grapes confers considerable ageing potential to the base wine.

Trellising: The grapes are grown on narrow spaced vineyards (1.5-1.9m row spacing). The vines are vertically shoot positioned (VSP), hand pruned in winter and hedge trimmed in summer, hand grown and nurtured through ripeness ready for picking.

Crop Yields: A natural low yielding vintage of 4.5 – 5.5 tonnes/ha.

Winemaking: The grapes were all hand picked in small parcel lots and carefully transported to the nearby winery where they were delicately pressed within an hour of picking. Modern computer PLC controlled Bucher airbag presses are used with a modified champagne cycle, to produce around 450-550 litres per tonne of free run juice from the whole bunch pressed grapes. Only this pure free run juice (cuvee) component is used in the Vintage Brut. Base wines are fermented in both tank and some in barrel, and a small percentage was aged on lees until the tirage blend took place in the new calendar year, followed by the tirage. The wine was stored in a temperature controlled cellaring environment to enhance bottle fermentation and style evolution. The wine was disgorged in late 2010, followed by some time on cork prior to release.

Analysis: Alcohol: 11.9% 

Titratable acidity: 8.21 g/L 

pH: 3.09

Tasting Notes

Colour: The ‘body’ colour of a fine champagne diamond, polished to sparkle and flash with lots of ‘fire’, 

delicately encased with strands of very fine and persistent string of pearls bead.

Bouquet: Classic Kreglinger vintage brut aromas, with seamless depth and elegance, all the hallmarks of fine cool maritime climate sparkling. The subtle hints of biscuity bakers yeast, honey, nougat, and layers of spice, fine quartzy mineral perfume talc, integrated and balanced by the subtle tones of cashews, nori seaweed and sea side aromas.

Palate: Cool climate classic Kreglinger, a very captivating, long, rich and balanced palate; sophisticated and beautifully defined creamy mousse (Cordon de Mousse) forming a necklace, with strings of pearl beads that provide both fine and lively texture to a crisp clean mouth feel. Freshly baked apple pastries melt in your mouth. The addition of our liqueur de dosage at disgorgement has added further richness and complexity to the already multi-layered palate. The finish is long and elegant with mineral quartz, nori and all with the maritime depth of seaside flavours, and a palate that leads to a crisp, dry, lingering finish.

Ageing potential: Likely life span to 2020 with storage in optimal cellar conditions.

Food suggestions: Oysters natural, Oscietra caviar, with its sweetly walnut like flavours, salmon roe, salmon tartare, sushi or sashimi, fillet of sea bass.