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From the untouched wilderness of north west Tasmania comes pure rainwater that is untouched in every sense of the word; 9 RAINWATER TASMANIA.  The rugged west coast of Tasmania is home to pristine rainforest, wind swept beaches, sheer cliffs and arguably the world’s purest air and water.

Travelling west from Tasmania along the 40th Parallel South the next landfall is on the opposite side of the Southern Ocean, South America.  The nearest land mass to the south is Antarctica; some 10,000 kilometres away.  With nothing but the vast expanse of the Southern Ocean for thousands of kilometres this really is one of the most isolated places on the planet.  Prevailing winds cross the great Southern Ocean and Antarctica before they eventually reach the west coast of Tasmania.  With these prevailing winds comes the purest rainwater in the world.  Selectively harvested in north west Tasmania under ideal conditions to ensure that nothing but the purest finds it to the table via 9 RAINWATER TASMANIA.

The west coast of Tasmania has been identified by peak science bodies from around the world as having the purest air and water on earth.  Australia’s peak scientific body, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), has had a baseline station in the area since the 1970’s.  By definition the baseline is the standard against which comparisons are drawn, the north west of Tasmania is that standard.  Baseline monitors measure the number of foreign particles in the air.  The level of contamination, by way of foreign particles, in the air over north west Tasmania has been shown to be the lowest in the world. 

Although the air and water in north west Tasmania is recognised as the purest in the world, baseline conditions do not prevail all year round.  Several factors are taken into account when determining baseline conditions, the most important of which is the direction of the wind.  The north west of Tasmania is only considered to be experiencing baseline conditions when wind travels across the Southern Ocean in a specific direction; the adjacent diagram (Figure 1.1) shows the direction of the wind when baseline conditions are achieved.  True baseline conditions only prevail for approximately 30% of the year.

Selectively harvested, the trace elements of foreign particles contained in 9 RAINWATER TASMANIA Pure Sparkling are minimal.  9 RAINWATER TASMANIA’s purity and neutral taste makes it an ideal accompaniment to fine food and wine.