About Us

Encompassing the Kreglinger, Pipers Brook, Ninth Island and Norfolk Rise labels, Kreglinger Wine Estates was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Belgian based G & C Kreglinger.

Kreglinger, founded in 1797 by brothers George and Christian Kreglinger, is a family company which holds registration number one in Antwerp.  In 1893, the family’s group of companies extended to Australia, establishing Kreglinger Australia, and thus began the long and enduring relationship that G & C Kreglinger have had with Australia.

In 2000, Kreglinger Australia diversified into wine production and marketing with the establishment of Norfolk Rise Vineyard – a winery and vineyard at Mount Benson in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia.  The following year the business took majority ownership of Pipers Brook Vineyard in Tasmania. 

The company’s commitment to quality and excellence in all areas has allowed Kreglinger Wine Estates to establish an international reputation as winemakers of quality.